Texas Rush Soccer Club is one of the largest and growing, volunteer based sports clubs in Houston. Your volunteer efforts are appreciated and much needed to make our Club the terrific success it is. Throughout each season, we need volunteers to fill many different roles for a minimum of two hours. With over 1,200 players, parental support is of the utmost importance.

As part of our Recreational Program, this year we will collect $25 from each participant – once your 2 hours of volunteer time for the Spring season has been verified you will receive a refund of the $25 fee. To request your refund please email Natalie Olivarez at nolivarez@texasrush.com. Below are the various volunteer opportunities available. Participation in any of the opportunities below will qualify you for a refund of your $25 fee.


Field Patrols are a vital role for Texas Rush and league requirement to ensure its Saturday games are a positive experience for players, families, and guests. For a two hour time period, you are asked to monitor positive and/or negative behavior on the fields. Throughout the season we need 100 field patrols; ten per game day.

  • 8:00AM to 10:00AM shift
  • 10:00AM to 12:00PM shift
  • 12:00PM to 2:00PM shift
  • 2:00PM to 4:00PM shift

For the following important volunteer positions, please email Natalie Olivarez at nolivarez@texasrush.com.


Under the direction of Texas Rush Technical Director, Don Gemmell, Directors of Recreational Coaches, and Director of Coaches, you will be educating your team the basics of soccer skills, sportsmanship, and fun. Depending on the age division, you will be responsible for one or two (two for the older age groups) practices per week and games primarily on Saturday and occasionally on Sunday. You will be required to attend 1-2 coaches meetings and it is recommended to attend the coaches licensing clinics offered through out the year.


You are the communication liaison between the coaches and the players and parents. Depending on each individual coach, you may be asked to call or email the team in regard to cancellation of practices and games due to inclement weather or scheduling conflicts of the coaches. Some coaches prefer to attend to these matters themselves, therefore, please ask your coach what he or she prefers. Additionally, you need to arrange the pick up of trophies and Fall pictures for distribution to your team, organize the end of season team party and collect money for coaches’ presents. You may be asked to make a team roster, snack schedule for weekly games, and pass out any pertinent information Texas Rush has provided you for distribution to your team. Again, ask your coach how he or she wants to handle the above mentioned items, as some coaches tend to these matters themselves.


Are you interested in opening your heart and home to one of our talented MLS Camps Coach?
Texas Rush Soccer Club contracts a professional trainer(s) through MLS Camps for professional team training once per week beginning with the U7 age groups and older. If you are interested in opening your home and family to a coach for one to two weeks, it will be a memorable experience for your family. Please inquire about this activity as many families love to host and the weekly spots fill quickly.


Data entry at the soccer office for any two hours Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00AM to 2:00PM (specific dates/times will be announced)


Once each Spring and Fall season, Texas Rush Soccer Club holds in person registration. Approximately 25 volunteers are needed each time to help register players to teams, pass out uniforms, verify birthdates, etc.


Throughout the season, Texas Rush Soccer Club needs volunteers to place flyers at area schools and/or businesses. We also need volunteers to help post signs at major intersections throughout The Woodlands, Spring, and Conroe for advertisement of Club activities.


Many different events and activities such as WinterBlast, Texas Rush’s Annual Golf Tournament and Rush Cup take place each year and require hundreds of volunteers. Some of special projects are as simple as making phone calls, helping with passing out trophies,or clerical help in the office.


Texas Rush Soccer Club is governed by volunteers responsible for fulfilling the mission of the Club. Numerous Board positions will become available each season. Please inquire if you are interested.