Dynamo | Dash Youth Competitive Programs

If you are interested in joining a Dynamo|Dash Youth Competitive team, please contact sfitzsimons@dynamodashyouth.com.

For Boys’ DA please contact boysda@dynamodashyouth.com. For Girls’ DA please contact girlsda@dynamodashyouth.com.

Dynamo | Dash Youth is the only club in the Greater Houston area that provides the opportunity for competitive players, both boys and girls, to play at the highest ability level in the United States. The Dynamo | Dash Youth approach to competitive soccer is to teach skillful, possession oriented attacking soccer. Players are developed through a proven curriculum renowned for developing excellence, and as players progress, they can constantly be put into new situations to improve their development if that is what the player desires. For competitive players their goals include playing at the highest level within the club , ODP state teams, regional teams, national teams, college teams and professional teams. For our club, we want to push our players to “the next level”. This “next level” may be different for every player.

The Head Coach is responsible for the complete cycle of player development: Plan, Perform and Evaluate. The Head Coach is also supported by a Director of Coaching who is familiar with every team in their area, ensuring every player’s development is being planned and evaluated by at least two professional coaches in unification with The Dynamo | Dash Youth Way. The term “trainer” does not exist in our organization nor do we allow unqualified parents to make technical soccer related decisions. Parents provide administrative support only.