Thanks to our friends at Wings ‘N More for supporting our program!

The Juggle Club is a great tool for Dynamo|Dash Youth players to improve their skills. Players are encouraged to work on their juggling and submit their high scores by submitting a video or form (scroll down for instructions). Check back often for our Juggle Club top scorers and other content!

Yearly Plan 2017-18

  • Program Start – October 16, 2017
  • Program End – June, 2018
  • Available for all players 7+
  • Points based upon the players touches with the ball
  • Players should be encouraged to do their juggling continually in their free time away from training to improve
  • Monthly rewards provided
  • Top 10 results of each level posted below

Dynamo | Dash Youth Juggle Club Top Ten

1Austin BrownDynamo South 01 PA1910
2Mikayla WiestDash South 01 Orange244
3Brendan BrowneDynamo South 05 PA211
4Sofia MenendezDash Woodlands 08 PA167
5Spencer WardDynamo Woodlands 06 PA162
6Brendon KanyikiDynamo Youth 05 DA112
7Inigo EsmanechDynamo Woodlands 06 PA104
8Mathew FreelDynamo Kingwood 06 Orange86
9Kendal RepaDash Woodlands 04 Orange72
10Iker BarrenecheaDynamo Woodlands 06 Orange58

Please be honest about your scores and check back regularly to see the latest juggle club standings!  Any further questions, please feel free to email juggleclub@dynamodashyouth.com