Central Recreational Programs

Registration Fees

Age Groups

  • U5-U6 (Born in 2013 and 2012):  $140
     1 hour practice 1 day a week, time and day determined by coach, 3v3 game on Saturday
  • U7-U8 (Born in 2011 and 2010):  $175
    1 hour practice twice a week 6:00 (Mon/Wed), 4v4 game on Saturday
  • U9-U10 (Born in 2009 and 2008):  $195
    1 hour 15 min practice twice a week 6:00 (Tues/Thurs), 7v7 game on Saturday
  • U11-U12 (Born in 2007 and 2006): $235
    1hour 30 min practice twice a week, time and day determined by coach, 9v9 game on Saturday
  • U13 and Up (Born in 2005 and older):  $235
    1hour 30 min practice twice a week, time and day determined by coach, 11v11 game on Saturday or Sunday$25 late fee effective August 31, 2017.


U5 and U6 programs are fun and allow our 4- and 5-year old players to learn the basic elements of soccer. The program utilizes age-appropriate curriculum and fulfills the club’s mission of developing the individual player while winning the right way! The goal of the U5 and U6 program is to ensure that our players: have fun with friends, old and new, get exercise and improve their aerobic stamina, become the best player he or she can be, learn the basics of soccer such as ball control, dribbling, and shooting; and learn to love the game and desire to progress to the next level of competition.

In the U5 & U6 Program, participants will:

  • Have 1 practice during the week for 1 hour, day & time chosen by volunteer coach assigned to. (IF YOU VOLUNTEER TO COACH, YOU GET TO CHOOSE YOUR CHILD’S PRACTICE SCHEDULE!)
  • Games will be on Saturday at 14503 Fondren Road.
  • They should hear from a coach by the beginning of September with practices starting at that time.
  • Each child will need a size 3 ball, shin guards and water for every practice.
  • Their first game should be around the 3rd weekend in September.


Dynamo|Dash Youth is proud to a skills-oriented program for its U7-U10 players. It was developed by our professional staff and follows US Soccer Federation & South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA) recommended training regimens. For general questions and information about the program, please contact John Slaughter, Director of Recreational.

  • Special curricula developed for the U8 and U10 training sessions—ALL teams receive the same training options
  • Curricula ensure your child is learning what they should be learning–individual skill development (dribbling & general ball mastery)
  • Each player is part of a team where he or she has the chance to succeed
  • Games will be on Saturday at 14503 Fondren Road.
  • Their first game should be around the 3rd weekend in September.


Dynamo|Dash Youth Soccer Club SOUTH offers a rich and competitive recreational program for U11 through U15 players (Division 3) and is open to ALL players, new or experienced, from ages 10-15:

  • Largest number of kids playing recreational soccer in the BAY area.
  • Separate Boys teams and Girls teams
  • Scores and Standings are kept online (Fall only)
  • Possibility of regional and state level competition (Fall only)
  • US Youth Soccer Association guided coach training – access to pro staff led training modules and licensing courses.
  • Small sided games for age appropriate learning.
  • Minimal cost to participate.
  • Teams are coached and managed by volunteer parent coaches and assistant coaches, usually of children on the team.
  • Times, dates and location of practices are determined by these volunteer coaches, so we do not know where they may practice until teams are formed.
  • Volunteer coaches receive training and guidance as directed and facilitated by US Youth Soccer by Professional Staff and mentor coaches in DD Youth.
  • Practices are normally held twice a week and are usually scheduled by volunteer parent coach upon consultation with parents, according to one of the following formats:**Mon & Wed:     5:30pm-7pm or 7pm-8:30pm**Tues & Thurs:   5:30pm-7pm or 7pm-8:30pm               **Other days like Friday are also possible
  • Requests to play with friends will be honored if the roster limitations allow it.Please note: uniforms are NOT included in your registration.However, once you have purchased your first Dynamo/Dash uniform, you may reuse your uniform for as many seasons as you wish. The link to order will be in the email sent upon completing registration. Ordering is fast, easy and shipped right to your door! Mix match sizes and pick your own jersey number. Girls will order DASH uniforms (DASH uniform site currently under construction, email will be sent when it’s ready). Boys will order DYNAMO uniforms.