Friday Nights at Bear Branch (February 23 – May 4, 2018)
Field 4
7pm – 8pm

No street soccer on Friday, March 16 or Friday, March 30 due to holiday.

What is Street Soccer?

Street Soccer refers to the various kinds of pickup soccer games played in parks, gyms and in the streets and alleys in countries across the world. The defining character of street soccer is that it is free from the constraints of usual soccer games such as referee’s, boundaries and positions.

Why Street Soccer?

Creativity is difficult, if not impossible, to teach. It can only be encouraged by providing the environment that helps foster it, one that rewards risk taking, imagination and inventiveness.

This street soccer environment is crucial for developing youth soccer players. It enables them to try new things and be clever on the ball while having fun. It gives them the opportunity to stabilize their skills, develop at their own pace and build confidence. It exposes players continually to solving soccer-related problems on their own, which helps them develop their independent decision-making skills through trial and error. But most important, it allows young players to enjoy the game for what it really is – a game.

When is Street Soccer?

Friday nights during Spring and Fall Recreational season – 7m to 8pm

Where is Street Soccer?

Field #4, Bear Branch Sports Complex, The Woodlands

Street Soccer is such a huge part of Youth Soccer in European and South American countries.  Use the link below to watch the commercial.