Youth Academy - Beaumont

Who can play?

Any Boy or Girl born 2011 – 2008 is welcome.  There are no tryouts.  However, teams and training groups will be split by ability following evaluations of the players in the first few weeks of training.  The purpose of this is to place each player in an enviroment that is suitably challenging but allows amble opportunity for success.  Changes to this placement may take place during the season if necessary for an individual player. Under no circumstances do parents dictate or influence team selection.

Training Schedules

Players train twice per week 6:00-7:30pm on the Dynamo|Dash Fields at the Cris Quinn Soccer Complex.

Boys train Monday and Wednesday.  Girls train Tuesday and Thursday.  Players are welcome to attend any other additional nights for extra practice or make up practices.

Game Schedules

Game schedules released Mid-August.  The schedule will include Futsal games, games vs other Dynamo|Dash Youth Academy teams from Houston and local games.  The schedule works out 70% of games in Beaumont and 30% in Houston.

PDF games on Sundays are optional for players born in 2009 and 2008.

Registration Fee

$400 for the Fall (August-December) or $750 for the Fall and Spring (August-May).

Included:  League & Training Fees for one season.
Not included:  Uniforms, Tournaments (optional), Camps (optional).


The first Friday of each month we hold our Friday night program 5:30pm – 7:00pm at the Cris Quinn Soccer Complex.  We encourage you to bring friends from outside of the club to come out and have fun while learning some new skills.
Here are some examples of the program we conduct:
  • Street Soccer
  • Coerver Clinics
  • SAQ (Speed Agility Quickness)
  • Muti-Sports Game Nights
The Soccer Tykes Program utilizes creative and imaginative games to focus on what we believe is the most basic and most important soccer skill, dribbling. In this classes the players will learn the importance on having control of the ball, they will be encouraged to dribble the soccer ball with different parts of their feet and rewarded for learning different moves outside of class. We also highlight positive character traits each sessions respect, team work, and appreciation.

Registration is taken online at a cost of $80 for all 10 sessions over the course of 5 weeks

What is the Skills Development Program (SDP)?

The SDP is a 6-week program, one session per week.  Players attend in a group of approximately 15 players for one hour.  Sessions are conducted by Thomas Shenton (Academy Director for Liverpool FCA).

Registration is open to boys and girls (sessions will most likely be co-ed).

Groups are capped at 15 players per night to maintain a good player/coach ratio.  If there is a high demand to operate two groups in one night, a second coach would be introduced.

SDP is for individuals only, there is no group discounts for teams.  However, you can encourage your teammates to sign up, so be quick before it fills up!

What is the cost?

Registration is taken online at a cost of $50 for all six sessions,


All sessions take place 5:00-6:00pm on the Dynamo|Dash Youth fields at the Cris Quinn Soccer Complex.
Monday – Players born 2010 and 2009
Tuesday – Players born 2008 and 2007
Wednesday – Players born 2006 and 2005
Thursday – Players born 2004 and earlier

For more information regarding the camps, please click here.

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