Spring season registration open now!

Who can play?

Any Boy or Girl born 2011, 2010, 2009 is welcome.

Teams are split by gender & ability, following evaluations in the first few weeks of training.  The goal is to place each player in an environment that is suitably challenging, but allows opportunity for success and confidence building.

Under no circumstances do parents dictate or influence our team selection.

Players train twice per week with our professionally licensed coaches, at the location most convenient for you:  Woodlands or Creekside.

From Monday, January 28 until Thursday, May 09.

Location: Bear Branch Sports Field # 5.

5:00pm - 6:15pmGirls 2011 - 2010Boys 2011 - 2010Girls 2011 - 2010Boys 2011 - 2010
6:25pm - 7:40pmGirls 2009Boys 2009Girls 2009Boys 2009


From Tuesday, January 29 until Wednesday, May 08.

Location: Wendtwoods Park.

5:00pm - 6:15pmAll PlayersAll Players



For no additional fee, we offer Goalkeeper specific training every week (during season) for any player that wants to try the position:

Girls-Tuesdays, Boys-Wednesdays
Gosling Park Field # 5
Coach Trey Tesno

Game schedules and rosters will be released by Wednesday, February 13.

Players will have games on Saturdays (830am-2pm) at Bear Branch Sports Fields or Sundays (12pm-6pm) at Bear Branch Sports Fields and Dyess Park (Cypress, TX).  Game day and location will be determined based on the age and ability level of the players.



Bring the following to every training session and game:

  • Inflated soccer ball (size 3 for 2011s, size 4 for 2010s/2009s)
  • Large water bottle
  • Shin guards (under long soccer socks)
  • Soccer cleats (with laces tied in double-knot)


  • Work hard
  • Display respect for coaches, teammates & referees
  • Practice consistently at home
  • Play with a freedom, without fear of making mistakes


  • If you have questions or concerns about the program, please email us to schedule an appointment with a Director.
  • Please do not interrupt training sessions or games, unless it is an emergency.
  • After training sessions and games, our coaches must ensure the safe release of all players, then transition to their next game/training session.  Please do not disrupt this process.

Drop-off / Pick-up

  • No children should walk to/from the parking lot without a parent or guardian
  • Please get out your car, drop your child off at the side of the field, and collect them from the side of the field at the end of training/games.

Spectator Area

  • You do not have to stay and observe every training session and game
  • All parents & guardians are welcome to observe, but must remain on the parents’ side of the field
  • Only registered players and professional coaches are allowed on the field, in the interest of the safety of the participants.

Sideline Etiquette

  • No coaching from the sidelines, relax and let the kids play
  • Verbal abuse of referees will not be tolerated; violators will be ordered to leave the fields
  • Encourage players to work hard, take risks, and enjoy the game
  • Promote and foster a relaxed, positive environment, where players can thrive and develop.