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Houston Dynamo | Dash Youth Soccer is the only club in Houston that provides a complete pathway to college soccer for its players. The club currently has fifty four (54) committed for 2020/21 graduation classes and has recently placed one hundred (100) players into college soccer in the fall of 2018 & 2019.

Houston Dynamo | Dash is renowned internationally and domestically pertaining to the development of both female and male soccer players and the educational guidance they provide their players in the college recruiting process.  College recruitment and the entire eligibility process from grade 9-12 is becoming harder to navigate for any student-athlete and their family.

Each student-athlete is completely unique and has a wide array of different goals and expectations.  Our student-athletes will be provided a concrete roadmap, which has a well-balanced lifestyle of academics and soccer choices at the collegiate level (NCAA Division I, II, III / NAIA / NJCAA).

The College Center was started in 2006 having placed 472 student-athletes in collegiate soccer across the nation. The networking contacts that the current Houston Dynamo | Dash staff extend to all geographic areas in the country.  We continually provide honest, open and realistic communication to the student-athlete and the college coach in terms of a player’s ability level and character.

Our program (College Fit Finder) has been specifically developed and structured over the years to assist the personal needs of our athletes while providing education, resources, and the necessary tools that will help each player maximize their potential to compete within the college.

Each player (ages 07-01) has been provided with FREE user credentials.  Please click on the College Fit Finder logo below and sign in to start the process.

If you do not have your user credentials, please contact your Head Team Coach for further instructions.

The Houston Dynamo | Dash Youth Soccer College Center is brought to you by: Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Change your password after receiving your user credentials
  • Complete your profile (general, academic, athletic, preferences and favorites section)
  • Go to college search and research your schools.  Make your favorite list of schools using the ‘heart shape icon’ option until it turns red
  • Fill out the reference section (notify your references prior to adding them into this area)
  • Review your showcase, tournament and league game schedule.  Ensure the schedule section of your profile is current
  • Create a draft of a personal and professional email for your coach to review
  • Once you have approval from your coach regarding your email, email your favorites list FROM WITHIN YOUR CFF ACCOUNT.  This will ensure your communication is automatically saved within the system as opposed to using your email server where emails can be easily lost.  Ask them to click on the link within the email to access your full online bio.  If you have a tournament/showcase you are inviting a college coach to attend, please ensure you list the name of the event, date, game times, and field # (list each day on a separate line).  Reference the fact the rest of your schedule can be found on your online profile.
  • Check the list of players is correct on the submitted roster
  • Send out user player credentials to all the players on the roster
  • Send any corrections required to your DOC (one email)
  • Assign a parent on your team to take headshots so that all players are in the same jersey
  • Enter all headshots into the player accounts (with your club logo viewable)
  • Provide a schedule of the tournaments and showcases that your teams will be attending to your players immediately when the schedule is complete
  • Set player action item completion list with a deadline for the year (general, academic, athletic profile, preferences and favorites section…  deadline should be 45 days prior to the first event)
  • Check the players favorites folder and adjust if needed (i.e. players overshooting the level of program that they are reaching out to). Ensure you have a conversation with the player prior to taking a program out of the favorites folder or adding a particular program to their favorites folder
  • Ensure players know that they should be reaching out to coaches through their account, not through their email server.  When communicating through their account the system automatically saves the communication almost in a virtual journal
  • Check each players’ video and provide feedback or edit yourself on their page
  • Ensure you create your team brochure from within the system one week prior to each event.  You have the choice of a trifold or front/back format.  This is the easiest way to create team brochures as the information that the players have entered for their individual profile automatically gets imported into the team brochure
  • Questions or support – contact Simon Boddison ( or Angie Rigsby (

The club continues to provide a wide array of top class tournaments / college showcases throughout the year across the country to attend.  By providing multiple opportunities to be seen by college coaches will only enhance the chances of getting onto a collegiate roster and being recruited. Some of the club’s tournament / showcases choices are:

  • Presidents Day, AZ
  • Disney, FL
  • Dallas Cup, TX
  • Lonestar Showcase, TX
  • Las Vegas Showcase, NV
  • D’Feeters Thanksgiving, TX
  • Surf Cup, CA
  • NCAA Final Four
  • Sting Thanksgiving, TX
  • Dallas Texans Fall Festival, TX.
  • Presentations offered to 1,200 student-athletes and parents per year
  • 100+ teams – FREE access to College Fit Finder
  • 1,800 players – FREE access to the program (grade 8-12)
  • 468 players have gone onto college since 2006
  • 1 vs. 1 mentoring / support
  • Current and former NCAA / NAIA colleges coaches on staff
  • Scholarships – NCAA Div. I, II, III / NAIA / NJCAA / NCCAA
  • Team Workshops

College Preparation

Admissions Counseling

College Research Assistance

Information on both academic and athletic endeavors

NCAA / NAIA / NJCAA College Athletics


College Contact Preparation

ACT / SAT Guide

Personal 1 vs.1 mentoring

Q & A for student-athletes (parents)

College test prep assistance

Guest college seminars and training sessions

Team workshops / seminars

Initial National Letter of Intent Signing Date – November 13, 2019

Final National Letter of Intent Signing Date – August 1, 2020

A few questions that you must now be asking yourself as prospective student-athletes if you have recently attended a college showcase / tournament:

Q.  What have I done to follow up with the college coach / institution after the conclusion of the event?

Q.  What must I be actively doing throughout the next few days / weeks within the recruitment process? 

  • A ‘personal’ email / letter should now be sent to all the schools that you wrote to prior to the showcase / league games in the fall / spring season. This will serve as a reminder of your commitment to their institution.  Thank them sincerely for their interest if they came to watch you play. Continuous communication via phone, email, text should occur between college coach > < prospective student-athlete.
  • Review all your feedback that you have received from the college coach / institutions and revise your favorite page in College Fit Finder.
  • The months of November – February are the time periods that there is a lot of coaching staff movement (fired, resign or retire). If the institution has a new coaching staff, you may have to re-introduce yourself and update them with all the previous information.  In some cases, the recruiting process may well have to completely start from the very beginning – do your research and plan accordingly. If you have received a verbal commitment prior to the coaching staff changing, contact the athletic department and seek guidance.  Most schools honor their former coaching staff’s commitment, but you must check and clarify.
  • Update the schools with your fall academic results (transcript, GPA, SAT / ACT, Class Rank, profile changes).
  • Make sure you have checked with your Head Coach / Director of Coaching pertaining to which college coaches have contacted / shown interest in you as a potential student-athlete.
  • Does your club coach need to contact a college coach on your behalf? Provide the necessary details and log this information in your ‘history tab’.
  • If you are a junior, you should have already registered for the NCAA Eligibility Center at sure you have added your NCAA Eligibility # into your profile.
  • Provide the schools with your updated Fall 2020 / Spring 2021 schedule (showcase, tournament and league play).
  • Juniors – narrow down your options to a top 5-10 schools and find out about roster spots, financial (scholarship) aid packages available.
  • Seniors – narrow down your top 3 schools, signing a National Letter of Intent, completion of school admission application, receiving results back from the Eligibility Center, committed roster spot, financial (scholarship) packages.