Houston Dash Youth - Girls Academy 2

The 2nd tier of the Houston Dash youth elite level is now known as the GA2. Over the last few years, this level was called the FDL and the DPL in connection with the leagues it played in. The new name is an improvement to the previous names and designed to better classify this group of players.

The GA2 is the level below the top tier, which is the Girls’ Academy (“GA”). The GA2 is designed to expand the player pool and provide a clear pathway for players who show the potential to make the jump to the GA level. GA2 implements a highly professional training environment and competitive model for aspiring GA players.

Founded on the ideology of the GA program, the GA2 provides a development structure that focuses on playing more meaningful games, a professional game day environment, more training, high-level coaching, focus on developing the individual player, and great exposure in major college showcase events.

For the 2020/2021 season, the Dash GA2 teams will be competing in the U.S. Youth Soccer (“USYS”) Frontier Development League (“FDL”).  By joining this league, the Dash are immediately eligible for the USYS South Texas State Championships and have the opportunity to compete and qualify for the USYS National League and USYS Regional Championships.

The Frontier Conference will include:  Houston Dash (Houston); Dallas Texans (Dallas), FC Dallas (Dallas); D’Feeters (Dallas); Solar (Dallas), and Lonestar (Austin).

FDL press release

The Dash GA2 will not play in a DPL league in the 2020/2021 season but will maintain “event status” in the DPL.  By maintaining DPL “event status,” the Dash GA2 will be eligible to participate in showcase events put on by the DPL.  Players will have the opportunity to play high school soccer.

Q: Where will the GA2 players come from?
A: The objective is to assemble the best players within the city of Houston that are not currently participating in the Girls Academy.

Q: What age groups will participate?
A: Girls: U13-U19 (2008-2002 birth years).

Q: Will GA2 players be able to play High School Soccer?
A: YES. GA2 players are allowed to participate in all school sports (including soccer).

Q: What are the program goals?
A: Offer playing opportunities and an elite training environment.
A. Prepare players that have GA and college scholarship aspirations.
A. Provide an online FREE College Fit Finder program through the club’s College Center.

Q: How many times will GA2 teams practice?
A: Three (3) times per week. Extra sessions with the GA and boys teams are available.

Q: How many players will be on GA2 rosters?
A: Ideally, we want 15-16 on the younger rosters and up to 18 on the older teams.

Q: How can players be evaluated?
A: Please contact Randy Evans, Director of Coaching – Dash at revans@dynamodashyouth.com and an evaluation can be scheduled.

Q: What is the Frontier Player Development League?
A: The Frontier Player Development League includes; Houston Dash, Lonestar, FC Dallas, Solar, Dallas Texans and D’Feeters.

Q: Who are the coaching staff?
A: Gene Van Ness – GA2 Coach and Director
A. Steve Williams – GA2 Coach
A. Jen LaPonte – GA2 Performance Coach and Skills Director

Q: What will the GA2 program cost?
A: $2,285 for club and league fees & specific travel expenses will be announced by team.

Q:Where will GA2 teams practice?
A: 1 session north (Bear Branch, Gosling or Lents), 1 session south (Aveva Stadium practice fields), 1 session in their own area. The area plan is to have the GA and DPL players train together.

Q: When will GA2 teams practice?
A: Mondays will be in your own area with GA players from the same area. Tuesdays are at Lents and Thursdays are at Aveva.

Q: Will GA2 teams get to use turf fields?
A: Yes. Any time we have weather interruptions GA2 teams will have the ability to request turf field space.

Q: How is the GA2 game schedule put together?
A: The league games are a club vs. club format. We will travel all our teams to play at the same place on the same day against our opponents when away. When home, our opponents will travel all of their teams on the same day and place.

Q: Will the GA2 teams have a college showcase schedule?
A: Yes, pertaining to the appropriate age group. Events will be selected to maximize exposure in conjunction with established college showcase tournament and DPL events.

Q: Who do I contact for further questions?
A: Randy Evans – Director of Coaching – Dash revans@dynamodashyouth.com


When we get the clearance to return to play, we will post a training schedule for our GA2 teams.

Those interested in trying out for a GA2 team should contact the Dash Director, Randy Evans, at revans@dynamodashyouth.com.