Houston City Cup

We are excited to welcome your team to Houston City Cup 2023.

The Houston City Cup will be played over multiple weekends through April and May. Each team is competing to advance to the Houston City Cup Finals on May 6-7 and be crowned Houston City Cup Champions!

April 1 & 2: Round-robin games (based on team availability)

April 8/9: No games (Easter)

April 15 & 16: Round-robin games

April 22 & 23: Round-robin games

April 29 & 30: Round-robin games

May 6 & 7: Finals & consolation games

Game Durations:

U11 & U12: 2 x 30 minutes (60-minutes total)

U13 & U14: 2 x 35 minutes (70 minutes total)

U15 & U16: 2 x 40 minutes (80 minutes total)

U17 & U19: 2 x 45 minutes (90 minutes total)


Points System:

Each team will be awarded points per game as follows:

3 points for a win.

2 points for a regulation tie with a PK win.

1 point for a regulation tie and PK loss.

Maximum of +3 or -3 goals counted toward goal difference per game.


Tie Breakers

Tie breakers will be decided in the following order:

  1. Head-to-head
  2. Goal Differential
  3. Goals Scored
  4. Goals Conceded


Home team wears WHITE uniform. Away team wears BLACK uniform. Both teams bring both jerseys to each game in case of a conflict.


Rosters do not need to be shown before games.

Player Cards:

These must be provided to the referee before kick-off. Original or virtual versions can be used.

Game Cards:

Each team should print game card to the game. There will be no roster information on it. Provide one to the referee to score game. Keep one as back up. Referee will record score, yellow and red cards and any disciplinary actions or information involving coaches, players and parents!

Home team coach is responsible to record the result by using the QR code on the game card. Follow process steps provided to DOC’S.

Rules of Play:

Referees’ decision is final!

Substitution Rules:

Substitutions can be made on your own goal kicks, throw-ins, to remove injured players, and after goals are scored or when the opposing team is subbing.

Penalty Kicks:

At the end of regulation if a game is tied then penalty kicks will be used to determine the outcome of the game.

  • Each team will take 5 penalty kicks.
  • If score is tied after 5 penalty kicks, then sudden death penalty kicks will be used.

Professional Discipline

Team Coaches are expected to control themselves, their players, and parents at all times. Team Coaches are expected to be proactive with parents to make sure their behavior is under control. Proactive is defined as making sure no parents are heckling or abusing referees.

Team Coaches have the position to:

  • Remove any player from the game if their parents are abusing/heckling referees, or any individual involved with the game.
  • Ask parents to leave with their child if required when parents are abusing/heckling referees, or any individual involved with the game.

Abuse of referee of all kinds are unacceptable and cannot be allowed to happen.