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The Juggle Club is a great tool for Dynamo|Dash Youth players to improve their skills. Players are encouraged to work on their juggling and submit their high scores by submitting a video or form (scroll down for instructions). Check back often for our Juggle Club top scorers and other content!

October – Laces/Inside Alternating Foot Juggles

November – Left Foot Juggles

December – 5 Star Juggles


January – Most Juggles continuous

February – Juggles w/head only

March – Sitting Juggles


April – Thigh Juggles Only

May – High/Low Juggles

June – Laces Only

Yearly Plan

  • Program Start – October 1, 2019
  • Age 7+
  • One juggle contact = one point
  • Players should juggle continually outside of training
  • Monthly Prizes
  • Top 10 Posted

Dynamo | Dash Youth Juggle Club Top Ten

1Austin BrownDynamo South 01 PA5000
2Brayden VillafonoDynamo Catalyst NE 2010 2146
3Brendan BrowneDynamo South 05 PA1789
4Elizabeth DornicDash 07 DPL1737
5Abby ManuelDash South 2006 FDL 1715
6Eli GeorgasDynamo North 2010 Catalyst1684
7Renata LarracillaDash U14 DA1510
8Katie MarkerDash South 01 PA1425
9Rhegan CoombsDash West 07 Orange1309
10Stephen DornicDynamo Woodlands 03 Orange1205

Please be honest about your scores and check back regularly to see the latest juggle club standings!  Any further questions, please feel free to email juggleclub@dynamodashyouth.com

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