Kingwood Alliance Partnership

We have partnered with Kingwood Alliance Soccer Club to provide a developmental pathway for their players into our Youth Academy and Competitive programs. We look forward to supporting their current Recreational program and welcome their players into the Dynamo | Dash Youth family.

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Our Recreational Programming is sponsored by AutoNation, America’s Largest & Most Recognized Automotive Retailer.

The Kingwood Alliance Recreational program fosters this promotion through a league that focuses on individual play, along with team building. The program has several teams at all age groups and genders, which allow players to play with their peers, in the local community. They provide 8 games on Saturdays, in Kingwood and the players receive a full uniform. The end of each season is celebrated with individual medals and club festivities.

Birth Years: 2012 – 2014 – The regular price of registration is $135. For those who are looking for extra training, there is Skills Training provided by Kingwood Alliance professional coaches for an additional fee of $100. This is available for those who register in the Recreational league and is an hour session for 8 weeks.

Birth Years: 2009, 2010 & 2011 – The regular price of registration is $190. These age groups receive 8 one-hour training sessions with the Dynamo | Dash training staff.

Birth Years: 2008 birth year & older – Kingwood Alliance also have opportunities for players born in 2008 and older, who want to play recreationally in Division III soccer. This can be a springboard to competitive soccer for some who aren’t ready at U11 but are by U12 or U13.

For information regarding the Kingwood Alliance program, please contact Mark Zylker.