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Who can play?  

  • Boys & Girls born 2016 – 2000 can register.
  • No previous experience is required.
  • Friend & Coach requests are welcome.

When is the upcoming season?

Spring: February 8 – April 25, 2020


Please CLICK HERE to view the Dynamo (Boys) 2019/20 uniforms. Please CLICK HERE to purchase the Dynamo (Boys) 2019/20 uniforms.

Please CLICK HERE to view the Dash (Girls) 2019/20 uniforms. Please CLICK HERE to purchase the Dash (Girls) 2019/20 uniforms.

What is Skills Training?

Over the course of the season, each player can participate in training conducted by licensed professional coaches. These sessions focus on individual skill and development of the fundamental techniques in an active and fun environment.

Schedule – see table below (starting Monday, February 3, 2020).

All sessions at Bear Branch Sports Fields field 4.

Players must bring an inflated soccer ball and plenty water.

Time / DayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday
5:15 - 6:00pm2016-15 Boys (U4,U5)2016-15 Girls (U4,U5)2014-13 Boys (U6,U7)2014-13 Girls (U6,U7)
6:00 - 7:00pm2012 Boys (U8)2012 Girls (U8)2011 Boys (U9) 2011 Girls (U9)
7:00 - 8:00pm2010 Boys (U10)2010 Girls (U10)2009-08 Boys (U11,U12)2009-08 Girls (U11,U12)
8:00 - 9:00pm2007-05 Boys (U13,U14)2007-05 Girls (U13,U14)High School Co-Ed

Volunteer Coaches Needed!

The Dynamo Dash Recreational program is a volunteer based program with each team requiring at least ONE volunteer coach. Volunteer coaches are directed and guided by a team of dedicated professional staff.


  • Attend pre-season coaches meeting
  • Conduct 1 weekly team practice (45-60 minutes) at any club approved facility
  • Coach 1 game per week
  • Contact point for team parents
  • Complete a background check.

Dynamo | Dash Youth Soccer Club needs referees!

Not certified yet?  View available classes and registration

How much does it pay?  Depending on the age group of the assigned game, $14-$45 per game.

Who schedules the referees?  Every weekend of games is scheduled by our referee assignor, Marcus Watt.  Referees can send their time preferences to the assignor, to work around their other activities.

Contact today for more information, or to be added to our distribution list!

Friday Nights (during season)
Bear Branch Field 5A
6:15pm – 7:15pm

What is Street Soccer?

Street Soccer refers to the various kinds of pickup soccer games in countries across the world. The defining character of street soccer is that it is free from the constraints of usual soccer games such as referee’s, boundaries and positions.

Who can attend?

Any player, any age, registered in the Dynamo Dash Youth Recreational, Youth Academy, or Competitive programs.

There is no charge for this program – it is FREE.  No registration is required, just show up and play!

Why Street Soccer?

Creativity is difficult, if not impossible, to teach. It can only be encouraged by providing the environment that helps foster it, one that rewards risk taking, imagination and inventiveness.

This street soccer environment is crucial for developing youth soccer players. It enables them to try new things and be clever on the ball while having fun. It gives them the opportunity to stabilize their skills, develop at their own pace and build confidence. It exposes players continually to solving soccer-related problems on their own, which helps them develop their independent decision-making skills through trial and error. But most important, it allows young players to enjoy the game for what it really is – a game!

Mission Statement
Foster physical, mental, emotional growth and development for children with mental and physical challenges through the game of soccer.

Who can play?
Any boy or girl with a mental or physical disability.

Format of Play
The game is modified to fit the needs of the players; everyone plays at his/her level. The ‘rules of the game’ are loosely applied, and the game is played for pure enjoyment.


  • Saturdays, during the fall and spring soccer season
  • Location: Bear Branch Sports Field # 6 (The Woodlands)
  • Ages 4-10 (11:00am-12:00pm)
  • Ages 11+ (12:00pm-1:00pm)

Interested in volunteering?

We need ‘buddy’ volunteers who can help participants learn to play soccer and have fun.  No special training needed, just a desire to help as often as possible.

For more information contact or call 281-298-2180.

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