The Dynamo | Dash Youth Tutor Program

The Dynamo | Dash Youth Tutor Program allows any competitive player additional opportunities to their regular training schedule. The purpose is to expose players to different training environments to enhance overall individual development.

For example: A U12 girl may attend a fourth session each week with the U11 Boys to improve a specific component of her game.


Before attending an additional session through the Tutor Program, players must meet the following requirements.

  • Have a good attendance record for regular training and games with their team(determined by their head coach).
  • In good condition (physically and psychologically) to avoid burnout and overuse injuries.(determined by their Head Coach).
  • Must be in good financial standing with regards to their training (determined by the Executive Administrator).


Attending an additional session through the tutor program can be initiated in one of two ways:

  1. The Head Coach (or Director of Coaching) will recommend that a player attend another training session for developmental purposes.
  2. A parent requests an additional training session for their son/daughter by contacting their head coach via email.

The Head Coach and Director of Coaching will consider all requests based on the requirements detailed above. The technical coaching staff will determine which session a player attends in addition to regular training based on developmental needs and the availability of suitable training sessions.

A parent may not request a specific training session. The professional coaching staff determines this.

Only with the written approval of the Head Coach/Director of Coaching can a player attend an additional session through the Tutor Program.

The additional session should be attended each week through to the end of the current season.

Please communicate with the coaches concerned when you are unable to attend for session planning purposes.

For more information, please contact your Director of Coaching.