Players that commit to playing with any club in the PDF League are committed to that club for both the fall and spring seasons. The league does not allow players to join or be involved in any official activities with any other PDF Club/Team starting August 1st until the last game of the Spring season. You can click here to learn more about the PDF League Policies.

Team rosters are not frozen on Academy teams! After tryouts, the professional staff will initially place players into the player pool at the Gold, Silver or Bronze level. Then, based on practice and game performance, skills level, attitude, and dedication, players can be moved up or down in level. This is done so that the player can get maximum touches on the ball, gain confidence, and learn the game.

Players are eligible to be selected for Academy teams that play in competitive tournaments such as the Eclipse Academy Cup, Houston Express Power Cup, and Spring Fling.

Players that make Academy teams are required to pay an extra team fees for Academy gear and tournament fees.

IMPORTANT ELIGIBILITY POLICY!!! Players accepted into the Academy Program may still participate in SHAL for no additional fee. Details will be provided upon acceptance into the Academy program.